Natural Luxury- Linen and Alpaca October 15, 2014 19:30

Why we LOVE Linen:

ECOLOGICAL – One of the world’s oldest fabrics, linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant and is a completely natural resource – perhaps the most ecologically sound fabric of all.

SUSTAINABLE – The production of linen fabric uses five to twenty times less water and energy than the production of cotton or other synthetic fabrics. Linen fabrics are biodegradable and recyclable. From seeds to stalk, every part of the plant is useful; the leftover linseeds, oil, straw and fibre are used in everything from lino and soap to cattlefeed and paper.

DURABLE/VERSATILE – Two to three times stonger than cotton, your linen items will outlast all your other textiles made from other fibers and they just get better & softer with age.

HEALTHY – Linen is virtually lint free, non-static, non-allergenic, naturally insect-repellent and provides UV protection.